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There is usually the promise that the fictitious character will one day join the victim in the victim's country.
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Transition from dating to marriage

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It actually started when we went back to the courthouse to turn in our marriage license.

It was the most awkward thing ever when the lady asked what she wanted her last name to be on the marriage certificate and she said just her last name.

Most of the time I would acknowledge when she cooked a meal or did anything out of her way for me.

I have talked to her about this and it's not getting any better.

A few examples would be i would take her out to a restaurant that I know she liked and that I didn't really care for and made sure not to show any signs of dislike towards the experience.

I would treat her like a queen and pull her chair out when she sat, open car doors/regular doors for her, if she was chilly always rap my jacket or sweatshirt around her.

I have been doing some thinking over the last few days about what I need in order to stay in the relationship with my wife.

Then on the day before her friend asked her to go to ren fair and she said yes to it before saying something to her friend that we had plans let me see if my husband is okay with that.Maybe I am the irrational one that actually thinks about doing what I feel is best for the marriage? She pays the other half of rent and buys few groceries here and there when I forgot to pick something up or we need it to finish a meal.Her parents pay her car insurance because it "sometimes used for their business" and they pay for her cell phone.So then I asked her to pick up the renters insurance and she said that I would need it if I was living on my own so that's not a joint bill.I also asked her to please show some more appreciation for the things I do for her.That felt like the biggest slap to the face for me and it still hurts.