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To this day, I am not sure if the officers were doing this to me, or if I was starting to lose it and these were hallucinations.

I could speak to no one and their was virtually nothing on which to focus my attention.

In addition, the bright, artificial lights remained on in the cell constantly, increasing my disorientation and making it difficult to sleep.

Not only were they constantly illuminated, but those lights buzzed incessantly.

Thomas Silverstein, who has been described as America’s “most isolated man,” has been held in an extreme form of solitary confinement under a “no human contact” order for 28 years.

Originally imprisoned for armed robbery at the age of 19, Silverstein is serving life without parole for killing two fellow inmates (whom he says were threatening his life) and a prison guard, and has been buried in the depths of the federal prison system since 1983.