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They had demanded re-settlement due to the threat of yellow fever in Panama.
[color:red]TL; DR: Bad men could take creepy pictures of you and post them on imageboards or attempt to pick you up.

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“For whatever reason, Marsden reminds me of Baltimore as much as anyone.” Born in Washington, D.

C., and raised in Montgomery County, Mary Beth Marsden earned a degree in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 1983, and then embarked on a media career, working as a TV news producer, anchor, or reporter in D. (1985-1987), Harrisburg (also the station’s “weather girl,” she admits, in 1987), and Scranton (1987-1988), before joining Baltimore’s Channel 2.

But the 0 Jimmy Choo sandals from Saks, the 0 spent at Coach, the ,410 dropped at Giorgio Armani - all that went on Dixon's own American Express. A boyfriend and girlfriend shopping together, but separately.

They were in another state, and in another state of mind, one completely divorced from their roles back in Baltimore as granter and recipient of municipal largess. How that churchgoing woman who wears her faith on her mink sleeve could hold her head so high. And in it, the prosecutor's account of what happens when Dixon's Am Ex bill lands. Value of being friendly with a wealthy developer: Priceless, if the prosecutor is right.

The City Charter forbids public servants from taking gifts from people doing business with the city, but Dixon claimed they were tokens of affection, not bribes. But I always figured that Dixon had convinced herself that all's fair in love and city contracting.

Even some of the most sensational details that trickled out last summer, in a search warrant affidavit filed by prosecutors, seemed to bolster Dixon's dating defense.

Now 49, Marsden lives in Ruxton with her husband, former WBAL-TV reporter/photographer Mark Mc Grath (now a vice president/financial advisor at Stifel Nicolaus), and their three children: 13-year-old Jack, 12-year-old George, and 10-year-old Tess.

Not surprisingly, Marsden surfaces again in Kun’s upcoming , scheduled for publication this spring. Figure it out, make choices, and then go for it — find something to create and give thanks. Hopefully, I learn from the latter and don’t sit celebrating the former too long.

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No surprise that the prosecutor who's been dogging Sheila Dixon for years thinks she's corrupt.When did you define your most important goals, and what are they? ” That’s advice from my mother, which I ignore every six weeks. What advice would you give a young person who aspires to do what you are doing? And have an annoying need for answers and a belief that what you are doing not only satisfies your desire to know something new but also fills an important service of providing information. To date, what have you found to be the most challenging aspect of switching from television to radio broadcasting?Right now, my goal is to do the best I can and try not to waste time worrying. What are the three most surprising truths you’ve discovered in your lifetime? Lastly, go for it, but don’t do it for money or fame. What has been the most surprising difference between the two media?The station disclosed the family connection on the air Friday."She comes in the house, we stop talking about these things," Arnold Weiner said. He really makes her crazy by not telling her anything."Weiner wasn't talking Dixon with me either, but he was willing to chat yesterday about some of his previous clients. He acknowledged having done some legal work for the talk queen, a close friend of his wife, Arleen, who was a WJZ producer back when Oprah was with us."We're all friends," was all he'd say, lumping former WJZ reporter Richard Sher and wife Annabelle in there, too.Last year in federal court in New York, Weiner represented Angelou."A guy who claimed to have been her agent sued her and claimed she'd defrauded him," he said. Weiner also represented Codex, the 1980 Preakness winner whose jockey was accused of hitting Genuine Risk on the final turn. Discuss this story and others in our talk forums Most recent local news talk forum topics: More news talk forums: Local | Nation/World | Business | Health/Science | Computers/Technology Note: In-story commenting has been temporarily disabled due to technical issues."It was a completely bogus case, and we were able to prevail."How'd the poet happen to call him? We are working to correct the issue and will bring back this feature in the future.