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Tips for dating a thai girl

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One way you could approach the idea of a date would be to ask her out for coffee or a drink which would imply a short outing.Also it may be a good idea to ask her a couple of days ahead so that she has ample time to decide what to do.She does not need to be impressed with expensive gifts or lavish dining – in fact if you start spending too much on her, she may get suspicious of what is expected of her in return.At the same time though, don't be afraid to make small gifts, such as a lovely bouquet of flowers or some prettily wrapped chocolates.Thai culture believes that it is better to say nothing at all than to say something negative or hurtful.Often, the Thai will deal with disagreements, minor mistakes or misfortunes by using the phrase "", translated as "it doesn't matter".However if you are keen to keep dating your Thai girlfriend, try and avoid making sexual advances in the early dates.

If you witness this in your date, don’t assume this to demonstrate a lack of honesty or sincerity.

Instead read up on Thai arts, cuisine and culture so that you can not only reveal your interest in your Thai girlfriend but more importantly will have something to talk about on your date.

For instance Thailand has no traditional of spoken drama, their place being taken by graceful forms of Thai dance like khon, lakhon and likay.

It is true that Thai women are in general considered more feminine and sensual but they still have needs, wants, dreams and desires like any other woman.

Apart from keeping a bit about their culture in mind, dating a Thai woman is not that much different than dating any other woman which means treating her with dignity and respect.