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For the Easter break Meat-and-Three-Veg and I did a road trip to our friend Beth’s farm near the Murray river.
Despite being raised Sikh, her parents enrolled her in a Catholic school, where she had her first kiss at 11, found out she was bisexual at 14, and lost her virginity to a basketball player at 16.

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In addition to his music and acting careers, Timberlake has also opened several restaurants, started a clothing line and participated in humanitarian efforts in his native Tennessee.

Variance, 11/7/17 -- After recently sharing their buzzy new single "Hot Damn!

How did you stay motivated leading up to this point?Matt: We've faced a ton of plateaus in our career and then simultaneously, moments of almost immediate momentum once we've hit those plateaus.But right before things happened with Justin, we had sort of come to a point where we wanted to take our career in our own hands.Now, I'm certain I'm not saying anything new here, nor am I the most eloquent, but as a society, we've been become far too comfortable with the pervasive "casting couch" adage that it no longer resembles what it truly is sexual assault.Finally, victims are speaking out, giving faces to these too-often overlooked victims and proving that we can no longer be complacent and quiet, if we truly want things to change.Read more, 11/7/17 -- For fans of Jessica Biel, it's fair to say her return to the small screen is a huge leap from her 7th Heaven days.