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That’s still expensive for a webcam, but it’s worth it for the noticeable jump in quality compared to anything close to it.
Still, people have fallen in love and married after first meeting in chat rooms.


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This pleased me since I don’t really dig girls whose noses are buried in their cell phones, constantly updating their statuses in their eternal quest for Facebook “Likes”. We finally met face to face when I arrived in Chiang Mai four months ago.Like many Thai girls, she brought someone along, her sister.When I confronted my Thai girl about him, she claimed he was but an ex-boyfriend.So shocked was she by the fact he even showed up at my front door, that she confessed to having another Facebook account.In case you don’t know, Line is the most popular instant messenger in Thailand.Following our first meeting, we met several times a week.But my terrible Thai dating experience is about a good lady. Unfortunately–what with all the misguided information out there–I learned the rough way. Since there wasn’t much to do in the kingdom of sand and oil, I spent considerable time surfing the net. I write it to help newcomers in Thailand understand that seemingly good dates can turn bad anywhere in the world, and the Land of Smiles is definitely no exception.

Instead I was left with a girl who was eternally hungry for Facebook Likes.He asked me to please leave his girlfriend alone, and that he loved her very much.He looked like an emotional train wreck, but very polite.Her explanation did little to assuage me, and the relationship soon ended. One even mentioned she had a secondary Line account, which I found.Then came the exes of her sisters who warned me about her family, but not revealing much more.I’d like to think I’m a good guy, and I just appreciate a girl who puts the phone away when we are having a romantic dinner.