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Just the whole nudist camp for KIDS thing is what bothers me. Basking in what nudist organizations say is a growing interest in nude recreation, the association has begun a nationwide expansion of summer camps for nudists age 11 to 18.The first began here 10 years ago, in a county north of Tampa known for its concentration of nudist resorts.That tends to be even more so when nudity is taken out of an erotic context, such as at nudist retreats, hospitals, etc.And in terms of the pathology of sex abusers, again, you're likely to see far less response to open nudity than you would in a normal, clothed everyday situation. I hope to raise any I had to be comfortable with themselves and other people in terms of nudity.Please Contact Us if you feel any materials are inappropriate.

It is heavily guarded to protect the children (ages 11-18) from prying eyes of outsiders. They make a big point, of course, to show that their nudity is not meant as a sexual display.

Personally, if it was my choice to send off my children, I'd make sure that this was something they really believed in and that they understood that not everybody would accept the nudist lifestyle, so they would learn to be discreet about discussing nudism.

Even still, I'd be hesitant to send my kids off to a nudist camp.

Its like a summer camp, you do sports and stuff but youre nude. Now I would personally never go to one of these nor would i ever send one of my kids there if I had one. ,their set up so kids can get past the awarkdness of being a teenager. The camp in the article was in Florida, if I am not mistaken.

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