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With a reputation to rebuild and executive producer Quinn King breathing down her neck, Rachel must pull out all the stops in what she does best: manipulating the contestants to create the outrageous drama that viewers expect.

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The findings are the result of an independent audit instigated in May when significant anomalies in respect of billing arrangements began to surface during the process of preparing for a new round of contracts, due to be awarded shortly.The audit has shown that overcharging goes back at least to 2005, and may date back as far as the previous contract, which was agreed in 1999.Policy Exchange said that for each offender, electronic monitoring cost £13.14 per monitored day in England and Wales, while the equivalent in the US was £1.22.The purpose of this standard is to tag soft Intellectual Property (IP) to enable date-driven tracking of soft IP usage.“But there is a lot of automation going on [before the probation office is informed of any infringement].” Current tags only monitor whether an offender is present at their curfew address during their curfew period.

The IP Tagging 1.0 Standard was developed by the IP Tagging Working Group.

Part of speech tagging task aims to assign every word/token in plain text a category that identifies the syntactic functionality of the word occurrence.

Polyglot recognizes 17 parts of speech, this set is called the [polyglot_data] Downloading package embeddings2to [polyglot_data] /home/rmyeid/polyglot_data... This work is a direct implementation of the research being described in the Polyglot: Distributed Word Representations for Multilingual NLP paper.

The system is programmed to flag up any event which constitutes a violation of the curfew.

Security expert Professor Alan Woodward from the University of Surrey said: “The system [itself] is really cost-effective.