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Symantec endpoint protection client not updating definitions

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On a subnet over a WAN link, you would have a single client retrieving definitions from the SEPM.

This is the same whether you have ten clients over the remote WAN link or two hundred.

Since differential updates are normally small, in an environment where all the traffic is on the same local LAN as the SEPM, it almost is never beneficial to use GUPs in this scenario.

While some bandwidth could be recovered by putting a GUP on each subnet, the management of a large-scale GUP environment in a local LAN will likely take more time and effort than any nominal bandwidth savings.

In this scenario none of the agents will actually communicate with another GUP since a GUP can only retrieve updates from a SEPM.

A freshly installed client will take a few hundred megabytes to get updated to the latest definition set.

Once clients have been installed and operating normally the definition updates are normally between 40kb-200kb.

The GUP technology in SEP allows administrators to designate client systems within the environment to distribute client definitions in a peer fashion.

In an environment where a GUP is configured, clients designated to use GUPs will reach out on port 2967/TCP to see if there is a definition update available.