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Rock varnish “grows” on rock surfaces rather than simply staining the rock surface. There is still much to learn about rock varnish but it is clear that rock vanish comes in many different forms differentiated usually by their chemical makeup.

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Bipartisan Debate Another metric one could use to look at legislative transparency is the extent to which the opposition party was included in the process.

The ACA passed without a single Republican vote, but the contents of the bill were nonetheless made available to both parties multiple times throughout its development, as described by the In June and July 2009, with Democrats in charge, the Senate health committee spent nearly 60 hours over 13 days marking up the bill that became the Affordable Care Act.

The full Senate debated the health care bill for 25 straight days before passing it on Dec. Senate Republicans, in the case of their efforts to repeal the ACA, have indicated that they do not intend to work with Democrats on the bill, and so far both the House bill and the new Senate effort lack input from the Democratic party.

John Cornyn, the number two Republican in the Senate, flatly told the that are not part of the working group have been left out of the process as well.

Peterson told us in an e-mail that he “can’t recall any major piece of legislation that was completely devoid of public forums of any kind, and that were crafted outside of the normal committee and subcommittee structure to this extent”.

While it remains to be seen whether or not Mc Connell will allow much time for debate or amendments on the final version of their bill, the procedural decisions they have made thus far suggest an effort to expedite the process.

This bill will be introduced as a “reconciliation bill”, which by law must be related to budgetary policy, and which comes with a series of advantages for bills that are politically controversial, as Under this law, debate on the bill would be limited to 20 hours, and the focus of any amendment introduced by democrats would, by legal requirement, be limited in scope.

As there is no metric we can think of that would put the AHCA’s development, nascent as it may be, in a position to be more transparent than the ACA, we rank the claim of equal secrecy behind the ACA and AHCA as false.

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