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It will also have a spa and fitness centre with a pool, as well as four food and beverage concepts.

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An OSHP canine alerted to the vehicle and troopers found four bricks of drugs that later tested to be heroin. A probable cause search of the vehicle revealed approximately 3 pounds of marijuana.

more Help us congratulate the newly promoted members of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Additionally, a search incident to arrest revealed approximately 30 grams of cocaine and a loaded weapon.

The contraband has an approximate street value of ,340. Barrett, 32, of Pittsburg, Pa., was charged with possession and trafficking in heroin, both second-degree felonies. The Ohio State Highway Patrol hosted the 2017 Hispanic Leadership Conference that provided employees with an opportunity to network, foster teamwork and participate in conversation.

The Patrol is committed to the leadership development of its employees.

The contraband has an approximate street value of ,000.

The driver, Michael Marcello, 30, of Spanaway, Wash., was charged with possession and trafficking in marijuana, both third-degree felonies.

Navigate the city's summer festivals with local ease. Discover unusual venues, secret watering holes, seaside escapes.

Troopers also detected the odor of raw marijuana on the passenger as he exited the vehicle.

A search of the passenger revealed 136 individual packets of heroin, weighing 30 grams, in his right sock.

The contraband has an approximate street value of ,420.

The driver, Diante Colthirst, 27, and passengers, Hannah Hollie, 21, and Cecelia Perez, 20, all from Cleveland were charged with possession of cocaine, a first-degree felony, possession of marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon, both third-degree felonies.