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This will not cover the top ten ways to punish a sub, or how to get around the masochism loophole.
Dozens of engagements have come from these events alone!

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Baccalauréat This is the one where you give pupils a set of categories (e.g.

towns in France, food, drink, objects in the classroom, objects around the home, hobbies, sports).

You go on to explain that the suspects are thought to come from this school and that it is even thought they come from this classroom.

If a group finishes before the time has expired you can stop everyone.

Pupils could use dictionaries if you want dictionary use to be an aim.

Classes like this game very much and you could make it fit particular vocab categories e.g. At least you know that at any time half the class will be quiet! Ask the teams to write five questions they’d like to ask you.

Then ask for a volunteer from each team to sit at the front of the class.