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After crossing the A554, it runs between industrial units on a segregated formation, before finally crossing Taylor Street to enter the Wirral Transport Museum.There is a siding just before the Taylor Street crossing, and a passing loop at Pacific Road.Discussions took place with Peel Holdings, who were managing the dock redevelopment, and were prepared to donate land for the tramway.They also suggested an extension to the International Trade Centre site, following the alignment of the former dock railway.If you feel a penalty notice is unjust, you can choose not to pay the fine and argue your case in Court.Please note that the Court does not have the facility to offer a course for the offence, only a fine and penalty points where relevant.

These will either be the offer of a diversionary course, a Fixed Penalty Notice or a Court hearing.

The track was laid using rails reclaimed from the Liverpool Corporation Tramways system, and there were plans to extend the line to Egerton Dock as part of a project to redevelop parts of Birkenhead docks.).

The vehicles arrived in the United Kingdom in 1993, and acceptance trials were carried out on the Blackpool tramway, where the cars ran until the Wirral Tramway opened.

There are two types: •Non-endorsable offences - which don't result in points on your licence, e.g.

failing to wear a seatbelt, unnecessary obstruction •Endorsable offences - which will result in points on your licence, e.g.