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The best part, however, is that if you swipe yes, and the other person swipes no, they'll never know. You can change which images appear, but only to other photos from your Facebook account, by going to your profile, accessible through the menu located in the top left hand corner of the app.

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But unlike a night in a bar, speed dating requires you to talk to everyone!So the whole night (which was expertly run by a guy called Colin) becomes about my date with this girl which takes place after the break.I have also attached a photo from the engagement night and a couple of wedding photos!Back in June 2015 I attended a Speed Dater event in Reading with 2 friends.In January 2006 I met CJ (Screen name Marathon Man) on the chatrooms on Speeddater. After a year of seeing eachother and having weekends in London and Brighton we decided to move in together. 2 years later we returned to barbados and got married on the beach 20 December 2009.I think speedater is a great website for meeting people! Here is the link to our u tube vidoe of the engagement night.

If you didn't want to see anyone again, you would tick no for all guests and tick the box at the bottom for the free event option to activate your guarantee. Speed Dater Guarantee Speed Dater guarantees that you will meet someone you would like to see again at each PAID speed dating event.If you do not meet someone you would like to see again you can come to another speed dating event of equal or lesser value free of charge.When entering ticks after a speed dating event, members have the option to tick yes, no or friend for every guest.If you would like to see someone again, you can tick the yes or friend option.So if a guarantee is activated, you can purchase an £11 speed dating event for free, or pay in the difference if the new event is more.