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Sophos update manager not updating

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I found quite a neat little trick, whether or not the following technical processes are by design I dont know but I assure you this has worked for me loads of times.

If you see Sophos Anti Virus with a red shield in it, first thing I used to do is rename the Cache folder in Program Files and then click update.

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Why Use Sophos Endpoint Security Control University of Arizona computers include Sophos software.Unfortunately SUM only supports SAV8 and does not support SAV9.SAV8 is being discontinued in April 2014 and does not officially support Mavericks.So, if you find that the Cache folder has an update in there (Usually 68Mb ) Navigate to: C:\Program Files\Sophos\Auto Update\cache\savxp and click Install Sophos Anti Virus, this will run you through a quick Win Installer and then update the program.You will probably have to reboot at this point, you can choose to reboot, usually I just log off ;) (As im sure most IT pro's do) Finally just re-enter the update credentials into the Sophos program and re-check for updates.Job done, it updates we can all go home with a smile on our faces.