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I have some friends who is like hye jung, they have a big wound in heart from past trauma in their family. She struggled on her own to make herself successful.

They want to forgive but they just can't, it's hard, not everybody can do it easily, it's scar in the heart that's why it's not easy to let it go. Anyway, i find the story is real, that's why the drama is good, we don't need to have everybody smile happily in the drama. @Rose well, you are not in hye jung's shoe, it's hard to forgive, not everybody can forgive easily, where did his father after grandma left?

To make them look nice and pretty to brighten up the patients. Also wonderful chemistry between Ji Hong and Hye Jung - not the usual soppy romance but a playful, flirtatious and supportive love story. Chemestry between prof Hong and Hye-jung was excellent. About Hye jung hasn't been fully able to forgive her father, because her sad story of the past. Maybe in Season 2 (I HOPE) he could forgive her father. At first she wanted to show JH that she was tough, strong, and confident to fight JMH for her grandma's justice.

Considering my short attention span, it's a miracle that I've lasted through this drama without skipping it (which I haven't been able to do in a long time). Lady Doctors and Nurses in the hospitals wears light make up. This is one of the reasons why 'Doctors' stands out from other dramas because the emotions are so true to life. And finally she can requite it when Seo woo kneeling to apologize. They fell in love 13 years ago and still in love until afterwards. Yoo as a Fellow, they are very professional at work. I want one of my childrens be a neurosurgeon like Dr. I love all episodes..the best one is Episode 18, when JH sacrificed his career for HJ to protect her. And when HJ found out about it.realised that what she has been doing to stuff herself up with vengeance .not do any good for her and for her loved one JH, and the worst thing was ..even made JH suffered.

hong is her father figure for hye jung, that's why hye jung fell in love with dr. It's also hard for hye jung to forget what her father did in the past.

Although Lee Sung Kyung is not a main character that everyone likes, I admire her in the last few episodes for standing up for Park Shin Hye against her father and for admitting that her misery began when she didn't want to admit that Park Shin Hye was better than her. The best scenes are with Kim Min Suk: he is a great artist with a lot of versatility. The character of Yoon Gyun Sang was super cute and level-headed, he managed to maintain his dignity even when he was heartbroken. there was no flow to it and overall just a sucky drama. @Ckdrama @parkbogumfan...worries....there are still a lot more who love to watch Shin Hye's drama.for me, I don't feel like to watch other dramas when PSH is not in it..... I believe whoever they are who do not like KRW..are not the real PSH's fans..... I cant believe i cried...probably because im a nurse.. This figures are official, made by creditable AGB and Tn MS, meaning responses from Korean households. We can't always get what we want in life and sometimes we just have to accept things the way they are.If it's easy to forgive then it would not have a big impact in victim's life. I know some of my friends who also have this kind of trauma in life, and it's not easy to solve it like that. Since the very first episode i watched Doctors, i really like it.In real life, u have a choice whether want to be happy or not, but for some deep wound in heart, it is really hard to forget, she may have forgiven the father, but she cannot forget coz the scar is already there, u will understand if u have a father like that. The story is very real, it's just like what happen in our everyday life.hong, how they r/s unfold trough everything that happens in their life. I hope there will be more kdrama that touched heart like this. I think all of the story lines were clearly and perfectly concluded. how we try to take posibility in imposible case, how we empathised to patient, how we finally understand each other and so many other lesson i got in this drama.. i really love to see them each other becoming great team in love and work.. Fathers like him are a huge disappointment and should not have kids. They have their own script in mind that they want their ideas to be fulfilled in this drama.It's so rare that a k-drama can make an impact to me and make me think about life. Once again, thank you so much for this beautiful drama. Of course the actors were flawless, so big cud-dos to them. I'm really proud that at least we get to see hye jung and Mr. Pleeeaaassse you are not the writer nor the director.should forgive her father and life happily with him in future. When it comes to korean drama, I'm always having a second lead syndrome :)) Does anyone know what's the name of the song used few times as bgm but not included in official ost? the opening and ending narration in every episode always has an impact ... Although you can forgive, but it leaves the scar that is difficult to forget. This drama is also supported by te best, beautiful, deep meaning OST.