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She later participated in composing "One Black Night" for Wonder Girls' third album Reboot.She later also received credits for the B-side track "Sweet & Easy" on the group's 2016 comeback Why So Lonely.She shows how love can be one way n not only two ways which is totally fine.Her vision of love really touches my heart as she is not afraid to fight or put her life in danger for the one she loves.=) Saranghamnida = 사랑합니다 I find this drama full of holes which were overlooked by the writer and director but the character of Ga Eun seems strangely limited compared to that of Haw Gun.Yoon So-hee is doing an admirable job with this part )she is a young actress with lots to learn but I'm sure she is committed (she's given up a prommissing academic career to act) her character and her acting have saved this drama from bobing. So-Hee aka Hwa Goon keep pushing me over the edge of my sit every week and I just keep following her.On September 21, 2016, JYP Entertainment released an official report stating that Yeeun and 2AM's Jinwoon are in a relationship and had been dating for the past 3 years.On April 23, 2017, it was announced that the pair had parted ways.

Her beauty captured my heart even first time watched her in the drama. I want to see you as a lead actress in the dramas in future, you got all the qualities.It's a compliment to my part guys because I find her effective, but maybe she must improve some of her face gesture cause its annoying. glad to see she's getting more roles, and happy to see her and myungsoo in another drama together hehe. I like her compared to her companion named Kim So Hyun... Kyaaaaaa.look so good together.I'm so agree with your opinion that Kim So Hyun suits with L more..if they're gonna do plot twist.. I loved her with Giraffe(Lee Kwang Soo.) It was funny how they both couldn't go over the "Pull Up the Girl over the bar"(I don't remember the game) but it was funny to me. Then in Running Man also, I was amazed that you're from KAIST and taking up an Engineering course. May be it was because of the story that her acting was magnified.I think yoon so hee looks good with L too but not as good as her with Yoo Seung Ho tbh,‎Yoo Seung-Ho & Yoon So-hee chemistry is best[for me] in ruler master of the mask. Then in Marriage Not Dating you're so cute hihihi then it all started from My Love Eun-dong OMG I feel in love with you in the fourth time I saw you She is soooo familiar but... is that even possible i haven't seen her in any of the dramas she was in but i can perfectly remember her from somewhere!!?!? But the latest Secret door drama, she is really bad. I wish she would have done better in secret door drama, since Je-hoon and the king were both amazing actors!:'( Why can't it be that she remain alive to fight against her grandpa Dae Mok!?!?I'm so sad that my wish for Hwa-Goon to become the Queen and be beside the Crown Prince to support him won't happen. You really made a mark for your role as Kim Hwa-Goon! =) Looking forward for more K-Drama with you as one of the starring role!On January 26, 2017, it was announced that Wonder Girls were to disband after unsuccessful contract renewal negotiation with some of its members, including Yeeun herself, who parted ways with JYP Entertainment.