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In 2006, Annable was cast as Justin Walker on the ABC drama series Brothers & Sisters alongside Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths, and Sally Field, which was picked up for a full season by the network.
I fully believe part of the learning process is sharing your personal experiences through writing and reading....

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Interactive dinnerware and utensils, whimsical straws, and even cool lunchbox accessories are just a few ingredients for eating success.

Here is a round-up of unique products for mealtime fun.

I was inspired to write my own “Top 10 Tips For Summer” after seeing so many in the grocery line that didn’t cover all the hottest new trends.

Ladies, if you’re like me and tired from carrying around your beach body all winter, and are looking for tips on how to put those pesky pounds back on without giving up your fun, carefree attitude, then look no further.

Remember the more it tastes like a slurpy the fatter your ass is going to look after drinking it! Neighborhood BBQ – Sustaining a weight gain journey can get complicated, so get organized with mayonnaise. I cant stress this enough, if you have to dress it up in some kind of vegetable in order to make it work for you then do it.Go for some crisp, white cole slaw, or some fresh and light for summer potato salad. Boating On The Lake – Want to know how to increase your calorie intake per second ratio? Beer bongs also happen to be the flirtiest way to impress that cute frat guy you had your eye on!Last Spring I had trouble getting my 19 year old cousin to gain weight and look cool doing it, and the beer bong turned out to be her ultimate July accessory. Baseball Game – Giants stadium is beautiful this time of year, and the Panda look is going to be hot, hot, hot this summer!I like to eat an entire baguette smothered with brie and some type of ham.If you can drink wine out of goblet while you do this then you are completing the Emperor Nero look that was sooo hot last fall and is making a real comeback. Street Food Festivals – Having 12 small meals in a parking lot is an excellent way to beat those summer urges to starve yourself. There is no place to get bigger faster than at an amusement park. Go to the movies and get some butter topping on that popcorn.They’re so pretty and they are hand-painted with non-toxic paints that have been certified to be safe for food.