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Vi var også forbi Barcelona den 17 august da attentatet skete, det gik heldigvis godt, vi var på vej ned på Ramblaerne ved den tid, men så skete der noget på serveren som gjorde at jeg måtte blive på hotellet en time extra, og det var så meget godt !

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The rest of the population was made up of Croats (2.7 percent), Serbs (2.4 percent), Bosnians (1.3 percent), Hungarians (0.43 percent), Montenegrins (0.22 percent), Macedonians (0.22 percent), Albanians (0.18 percent) and Italians (0.16 percent).

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The variety of dialects is also a result of the shared borders with four different nations.In addition to the capital, Ljubljana, other important cities include Maribor, Kranj, Novo Mesto, and Celje.Areas along the coast enjoy a warm Mediterranean climate while those in the mountains to the north have cold winters and rainy summers.A bloodless tenday war with Yugoslavia followed, ending in the withdrawal of Belgrade's forces and official recognition of Slovenia's status as an independent republic.As a newly independent state, Slovenia has sought economic stabilization and governmental reorganization, emphasizing its central European heritage and its role as a bridge between eastern and western Europe.Renamed the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929 by a Serbian monarch, Slovenia and its neighboring Yugoslav states fell under Nazi Germany's control in World War II.