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Surrey Cops issued a warning today to young people who like to fool around with BB, air or pellet guns that look too much like genuine guns.

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" I held up my hands in feigned surrender and laughed, "No no baby, that's good enough for now as long as you bought what you needed." She pouted her lip, "Ok Daddy.

She was the typical "Daddy's girl" through and through; sheltered, innocent, curious.

The fact that she melted me in a heartbeat was the biggest of my worries.

Although the time for letting her go was approaching at least I knew she wanted to spend the rest of the summer with me before she left.

I was also glad she decided she wanted to stay in state and go to the University of Oregon; a duck. I was just in the mall doing some shopping and thought I'd message you." Off to the side of her I could see a mountain of shopping bags already. I tended to spoil her and it made me happy to do so; on the other hand, she spoiled me by being a wonderful daughter and taking care of things around our home.