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William Parkhill, defending, said Vincent became drawn into the offending when he was isolated after the break-up of a relationship.
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More complex versions are elevated off the ground to protect your fire and ground, incorporate integrated pot stands and sometimes even have electric fans.

There are several commercial and many more homemade wood stoves out on the trail and the advantages are obvious.

This is YMMV for a reason however, as the sheer amount of Fan Wank in existence shows that a lot of people, at least within fandoms, really like it.

See also Epileptic Trees (the specific crazy theories the fans come up with) and Wild Mass Guessing, TV Tropes' own collection of crazy fan theories.

A well designed stove will also allow you to easily set a pot at a reasonable height over your flame. The Zangyack Empire, an evil galactic empire aiming to conquer Earth and turn it into one of their colonies, were defeated by the combined might of the thirty-four previous teams in an epic conflict called the Legendary War.However, this victory was achieved at the cost of the heroes' own powers, which were scattered across the universe.This added air and really speed up the burn of your fuel and increase fuel efficiency, allowing you to cook more with less fuel.ZZ manufacturing makes the well know Sierra Zip Ztove which is a self contained wood stove with a battery operated fan to keep the fire going.Not only is it easier to set your pot on a stove compared to an open fire, the heat and exhaust of a stove is usually funneled straight up towards the bottom of your pot.