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To do so, cut a piece of freezer paper bigger than the label.Use a ruler and a thick black marker to draw evenly spaced lines on the freezer paper’s dull side.To create a custom label design, use word-processing, desktop-publishing, scrapbooking, or label-making software to combine text, photos, and clip art.Tracing by Hand Make sure the design you want to trace is dark enough to show through your fabric, or locate a light box or bright window on which to work.Sew leftover binding from the quilt around the label edges, then turn the binding over the edge to the wrong side.Hand-stitch the bound label to the backing, taking care not to stitch through to the top.--To ensure a label can’t easily be removed from the quilt, stitch the label to the backing fabric and quilt through it.I still have and wear many garments made or worn by my grandmother and even have a memoir she wrote about her life.

With masking tape, anchor the fabric and the paper to your writing surface so they won’t shift.

Alliance for American Quilts, has penned a how-to project and a call for the importance of labeling quilts (and artworks of all kinds) for the sake of staking a spot in handmade history and taking pride and authorship in your craft.

Do you have a quilt that holds a special spot in your heart or family history? I have been working as Executive Director of the Alliance for American Quilts (AAQ) for the past five years.

Adjust the size and spacing to fit your label size; space out letters a little more than normal to allow for the width of the marker tip. This allows time for the ink to flow into the fabric and lets you control the letters.8.

Stabilize the fabric and create guidelines for words with freezer paper.