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It’s hard to blame Baker, because there aren’t really very many celebrity Phillies fans. Swift, like Will Smith before her, has shied away from that mantle, which is understandable, because if I were from Pennsylvania west of, say, Broad Street in Philadelphia, I wouldn’t want people to know either.But more than that, in 2008 Swift was trying to pass herself off as being from Nashville — where her family had moved when she was 14 to support her music career — and nothing ruins your country music cred like people finding out you’re from an upper-middle-class suburb of Reading.There remains the question of why Swift chose the Giants as her instrument of vengeance, and why she continued the partnership for two more albums.

He knew that the earth is round, and concluded that if he sailed west for long enough he would find a new route to the East Indies.

Both scientist and conqueror began by admitting ignorance - they both said 'I don't know what's out there.' They both felt compelled to go out and make new discoveries.

And they both hoped that the new knowledge would make them masters of the world (pp. Botany was actually of quite minor importance in the early stages of modern science, which was dominated by studies of terrestrial and celestial motion (Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, and Newton), and by chemistry which involved the revival of Greek atomism.

Why did Even Year Bullshit start in 2010, not in 2008 or 2006, when T-Swift also released albums?

Maybe she didn’t actually have the power to influence baseball games then. Swift duly sang a subdued and lovely rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” not only wrapping it up in a tidy one minute, 37 seconds (a fraction of the time it usually takes a multiplatinum pop star) but resisting the temptation to go up the octave on “O’er the land of the free” AND YES I’M LOOKING AT YOU CHRISTINA AGUILERA. Here’s the important part: I believe it’s that smirk that swung three pennants in the next six years, and could swing this one, all out of revenge against the Phillies for highlighting her origins on national television.