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“If something bills itself as non-pornographic then becomes that way, to me it’s a sign that it’s reached the public knowledge-base, and now it’s solidly there.” “On Instagram, the community appears to be changing,” Senft added.
Stephen and his wife, Palmina, bought the Stonington house, a turn-of-the-century sea captain’s residence set on a ledge overlooking the Penobscot Bay, in 1943.

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According to the World Animal Foundation: “Giraffe gestation lasts between 14 and 15 months, after which a single calf is born.

The mother givesbirth standing up and the embryonic sack actually bursts when the baby falls to the ground. “Within a few hours of being born, calves can run around and are indistinguishable from a week old calf; however, for the first two weeks, they spend most of their time lying down, guarded by the mother.”8.50pm GMT: As Republicans pull the Obamacare reform bill, April watchers hope the political upheaval in Washington could prompt the giraffe to have her calf. Jim Thiessen‏ said: “Now that Obamacare is safe will the @April The Giraffe please have it's damn baby?

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Can’t really see what she’s trying to do but something interesting must have landed down there.03.20am GMT: April seems to have turned a bit camera shy – she’s hiding out of site in the top right-hand corner now.12.50am GMT: Lights off for April tonight, although she appears intent on staying awake.9.50pm GMT: Discussing Oliver’s welfare, many April watchers have been urging the couple to spend some time together.3pm GMT: April is walking around her enclosure and occasionally gets close to the camera.She looks ready to give birth any day now, after her mammoth 15-month pregnancy.13.46 GMT: April the giraffe has had a relaxing morning, but like most expectant mums she appears to be growing impatient to give [email protected] said: “Ok #April The Giraffe, your healthcare hasn't changed. #Obamacarerepeal #April The Giraffe #Trump Lies Matter”[email protected] said: “I will consider it a victory if #April The Giraffe feels safe enough to have her baby now”.8.20pm GMT: With the calf due any moment now April shared an adorable moment with Oliver earlier today.The giraffes were allowed some quality time in April’s pen as the keepers at the Animal Adventure Park cleaned out her beau’s area.