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Charlie Stelle, have been researching the landscape and found that people over 60 represent the most rapidly growing demographic in online dating.
and she's single and I am supposed to feel sorry for her?

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(Ethan’s success springs from two collections of misogynistic blog posts about women he’s slept with.) And though it doesn’t take long to perceive that the positions of the two characters, starting from opposite sides on all of these issues, will eventually cross in the middle, the actors, under Schwimmer’s sensitive direction, are convincing as people, not just platforms.Gunn has the tough job of making Olivia’s conservative (and familiar) resistance feel active; it’s an underwritten role but she’s terrific.Mitchell, costumes by Jill Castle) starts off promisingly enough.We’re at a haven for writers in the middle of a snowstorm.The script may say (four times) that “sex is imminent,” but as staged, it’s less imminent than immanent. In any case, it’s only a slight criticism of Sex With Strangers to say that it’s great summer entertainment.

Unfortunately, Schwimmer, so good with the actors and the laughs, exacerbates instead of mitigates this problem by lingering repeatedly and at great length on the lovemaking.Anyway, playwright Laura Eason is more interested in the proliferation of digital media than she is in sexual hijinks: she makes sure that her protagonists are often interrupted by cellphones when they’re not sounding off about blogging, apps, and ebooks.Unfortunately, all of this digitalk doesn’t add up to much of anything — we’d already gathered what world we live in, thank you — and a question of whether e-publishing or print publishing is more desirable is hardly the stuff of great dramatic suspense.If you were trying to devise a light comedy for overheated August audiences (and theaters closing out their subscription seasons) you might do worse than a two-hander with a clickbait title and a chilly setting.Perhaps you’d have the curtain rise on an inn in Michigan as a March snowstorm casts cool blue light on a woman drinking a big glass of red wine while ice drips loudly off the eaves outside.And Ethan’s got momentum: His blogs were collected in a bestselling book which has been sold to the movies, and people are willing to pay him just to show up at their parties.