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I think the experience surpassed both our expectations.And we certainly made time for plenty more Skype sessions for the rest of the year. You shouldn’t have to sign off sex permanently in a LDR. A horrible, awkward, embarrassing situation which you know you could never quite explain to your parents and are always slightly worried the Government are watching solution. Don’t get me wrong, masturbating is great and everyone should do it. But sometimes a second player can be necessary and, if done correctly, it can really spruce up those sessions you would otherwise have scheduled in for you and your vibrator alone. You’ve been waiting for this evening for long enough, make it good. As in real life, a stiff drink is the best way to relax and enjoy yourself. Though no actual P in V sex is gonna be happening this evening, that still doesn’t mean foreplay should be neglected. This isn’t just a typical Monday afternoon masturbation session – make it special.It shouldn’t be long winter months snuggled up in bed alone, letting the leg hairs grow and resigning yourself to the fact that binge watching Scandal is how you get your kicks now. If you haven’t got frisky on camera before, a bit of forward planning can go a long way. Crack out that expensive, sexy underwear that’s just been rotting away in your drawer for months. A few shots of tequila and a glass of wine can transform the evening from something which is scarily reminiscent of that awkward night you lost your virginity to a night which gives you that warm orgasmic glow you’ve been craving. Build up some anticipation throughout the day – dabble in some sexting, send that cheeky nude on Snapchat. The only way this is going to work is if you talk to each other.Remembering all the fun things you used to do together when you weren’t dependent on a webcam to see each other will help make Skype sex start to feel a bit more normal.And, like normal sex, once you’ve done it a couple of times and found your rhythm with that particular person, it’s only gonna continue to get better.My boyfriend had absolutely no idea what I had in mind, and after our initial catch-up I flung it off.He looked so excited that I was turned on straight away – I hadn’t seen that hungry look in his eyes for months.

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It seemed that we hadn’t been together long enough for us to make it work long distance, so I just assumed we would break up.As Ronan Keating always said: “You say it best when you say nothing at all”.There’s not really an established social etiquette for how to act after you’ve both just come over camera, so yet again it can quickly become an awkward experience.I pretended it was his hands touching me as I came.Afterwards we both just looked at each other – and laughed.My boyfriend and I were very much in the ‘lust’ stage of our relationship when we discovered he was going to move away.