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At this time, polygamy was a common practice among the nobility. Colonial regulations required a Regency Chief to marry a member of the nobility.

Since Ngasirah was not of sufficiently high nobility, her father married a second time to Woerjan (Moerjam), a direct descendant of the Raja of Madura.

Born into an aristocratic Javanese family in the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia, she attended a Dutch language primary school.

She aspired to further education but the option was unavailable to her and other girls in Javanese society.

She was born into a family with a strong intellectual tradition.

Her grandfather, Pangeran Ario Tjondronegoro IV, became a Regency Chief at the age of 25, while Kartini's older brother Sosrokartono was an accomplished linguist.

She is listed on Free Ones since 2003 and is currently ranked 184th place.Kartini's family allowed her to attend school until she was 12 years old.Here, among other subjects, she learnt to speak Dutch, an unusual accomplishment for Javanese women at the time.Because she could speak Dutch, she acquired several Dutch pen friends. In her correspondence with Estell "Stella" Zeehandelaar, R. Kartini expressed her desire to be like European youth. Sadly, this ambition was unrealized as a result of her premature death in 1904 at the age of only 25.One of them, a girl by the name of Rosa Abendanon, became a close friend. Abendanon, the Minister for Culture, Religion and Industry in the East Indies, collected and published the letters that Kartini had sent to her friends in Europe. She depicted the sufferings of Javanese women fettered by tradition, unable to study, secluded, and who must be prepared to participate in polygamous marriages with men they don't know. She also emphasized the relationship between this kind of lifestyle with religious thoughts. Kartini Schools named for her opened in Bogor, Jakarta, and Malang.Her advocacy for the education of girls was continued by her sisters.