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I’m a big fan of Hinge’s latest innovation, a gloriously simple tweak that weeds cheaters out of the matchmaking app pool.

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The dating scene at my school pretty much consisted of going to this one bar and hoping for the best, and I don’t know how well that strategy will work in the suburbs.

Have the brilliant idea of creating an Ok Cupid profile to meet people.

I think I was just ready for a hiatus from the constant pressure, crippling anxiety about med school, and a variety of issues with my roommates; plus, after a painful breakup last year, I still don’t really feel like myself.

I’ve always been a straight arrow, but this week, I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing and trying to forget that there’s anything wrong, mostly with the help of sweet, heavenly cannabis.

I’ve never been seriously interested in the same sex, but I guess the possibility intrigues me, especially because I only ever masturbate to lesbian porn.

A friend had a decent experience for a few months in another city using it. Talking a little bit with a few guys on Ok Cupid that seem like they wouldn’t be too horrible to meet in person.

Fib to my parents about who I’m visiting in thecity. I give him some of his favorite cheese when I get there (I always make fun of him because he only eats Muenster) mostly as a joke, and after some mild awkwardness, we are on his couch watching . I had them stuffed in my bra because of a lack of pockets, and they probably fell under his bed last night.

I try to control myself, but it only takes a few minutes before I climb on top of him. Feeling silly about last night, I go back into his bed to try to reconcile, assuming we will have morning sex. Text him and ask him to mail them to my parents’ house Noon Angry and at new heights of sexual frustration, I go through my phone and text a few people I know in the city to delay going home to my parents.

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar.

This week, the College Dropout Hooking Up With a Spoiled Brat From Ok Cupid: Female, 22, Fairfield County, Connecticut, former Ivy League student/current couch potato, single, 10 a.m. I just relocated to my parents’ house after a hasty decision to take time off from my Ivy League premed education for personal reasons.