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On 18 August 2011, Cardle revealed that his debut album, Letters, would be released in the UK on 17 October 2011.

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Address - 126 no street name given (2 blocks down from the UFL building, turn left, the house with the red mailbox), Copper Summit, AZ The house in where the Crawfords live, in the episode 'Harvest'.Address - Roswell, NM The store that Amy Deluca runs.Address - outside Roswell, NM Map The cheese factory is never actually seen, but in the episode 'Monsters' it is mentioned several times as a local dead-end job.It is a major employer in the area, according to the Roswell Soundtrack.She says it is the farthest thing that can be seen from Earth, and it can been seen from Antar too.Address - Bethesda, Maryland This is a hosptial in the episode 'Crazy' where Dr. And in the episode 'Tess, Lies & Videotape', Kathleen Topolsky and four others died in a fire there.He also sees two dead doctors, and two aliens who are protecting the pods.Hal tells the aliens to save the pods, and then distracts the guards to give them some time.

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The billboard was located at Chaparell Turnout, outside of Roswell.

Also see Highway 285 Address - Frazier Woods In the episode 'To Serve & Protect', Isabel gets images of a girl who is kidnapped, and she finally realizes where she is because she sees the abondoned pump house in her vision.

It is in Frazier Woods and has a sign on the structure that says Bella Merlina.

Address - Roswell, NM In the episode 'Skin & Bones' Congresswoman Whitaker opens an office in Roswell, and hires Liz to work as her assistant.

Seen in several episodes in season 2, S&B, Ask Not, Surprise, & Harvest The small town in the episode 'Harvest' where the Universal Friendship League, the Skins headquarters, is located, and where Congresswoman Whitaker is originally from. More Pics & Info Address - Roswell, NM In the episode 'The End of the World' Michael gives Courtney a ride home, and she invites him inside. Maria mentions that Courtney lives across town In the episode 'Harvest' Michael & Maria search the apartment and discover a shrine to Michael. Main St., Roswell, NM Map This is the alien-themed restaurant owned by Liz Parker's parents, and where Liz and Maria, and eventually Michael work.