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Thanks, Scott Scott Wilkinson You mention a Document: Wilkinson-Johnson and Related Families This typewritten compilation, written by A. Wilkinson in 1967, was recently donated to the Wilkinsons on the Web site by Juanita Criddle Niswonger of Jackson, MO. Thank you, Steven Mc Laughlin Placentia, CA [email protected] Steven Mc Laughlin Elsie Pengelly, born 1894 in Looe, Cornwall, England, married Alfred James Wilkinson in Kingston on Thames, Surrey England on Oct 1st 1918, they had a daughter, Vera Wilkinson born in Catterick, in 1921 whilst Alfred was in the army. john r holyer salem, or USA - Monday, May 02, 2005 at (EDT) I am a descendant of Jesse Wilkinson(1797-1880), Great Grandson of Joshua Wilkinson of Johnston co., N. Jesse had a brother, Charles and two sisters, Charity and Penelope. Wisconsin - 1867 All of the following children were born in Maine Township, Linn County, Iowa EDWIN WILKINSON - b. Children of Aaron Wilkinson and Mary Margaret Hargreaves are: 1 Mary Wilkinson born 6.4.1788 Newchurch in Pendle 2 Ann Wilkinson born Newchurch in Pendle 3 Sally Wilkinson born Newchurch in Pendle 4 James Wilkinson born in Padiham, Burnley 5 Aaron Wilkinson born 20.2.1799 in Padiham, Burnley 6 Martha Wilkinson born in Padhiham, Burnley Mally Wilkinson (parents Aaron Wilkinson and Mary Haughton) was born February 1766 in Newchurn in Pendle. Lynn Lynn Please write:- Priscilla Brown, 3805 14th Ave., SE., Apt. Michael in the County of Lancaster in June of 1913. Lucille Mac Phee Lucille Mac Phee Has anyone out there happened to have transcribed the 1861 or 1871 UK census for Shropshire, in particular the District of Ludlow that would be able to provide me with some information on my Wilkinson ancestors.

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Intrigued, and with only a fleeting ripple of prurient curiosity, I dialed up several of the shows on the website. Because for a lot of people MPR is variation on the old line, “No sex please, we’re British.” Such things simply aren’t discussed. KM: Brian, MPR not only consented to it, they’re very supportive of it.”MP: But this isn’t on their tab. Teresa Mc Farland: We met, I don’t know, 20 years ago? I had a position with the Ventura administration and Kerri was still at KARE ­11 at the time, covering politics. But no matter how much I stress about it, it’s always one of the most delightful weekends I have during the year. And if it isn’t I don’t want to talk about it.” Until they find out everybody’s questioning almost every aspect of sex, fulfillment, toys, you name it.One was a conversation with Peggy Orenstein, the New York Times Magazine writer whose latest book, “Girls and Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape,” has gotten good reviews for its journalistic shoe leather and its let’s-­be-­rational approach to a sexual landscape afloat in advertising and pornography role­-modeling regularly horrifying to parents of teenagers, daughters in particular. I mean, I’m half­facetious here, but we always wonder what women are talking about when they go off to the ladies room together. TM: And on the trusting thing, honestly what we’ve found out from the books we’ve read and the people we’ve already had in, all that reluctance to open up is so very normal.Maybe you disagree, but the concepts of “sex” and “Minnesota Public Radio” are not exactly intertwined in my mind. KM: Yeah, fast, swirling water, which I don’t love. But because she’s the kind of person she is and we have this friendship, we talked in ways I haven’t with most of my friends. I mean, I know there are people who are happily married.The state’s oh­-so-serious “news service” rarely if ever crosses over into any topic even vaguely lubricious. TM: But it was before our last trip out to Palm Springs, we were walking around talking about our next trip and we got onto this sidebar about talking about sex in a real smart way that we hadn’t even done after all our years of friendship. TM: And I have this really strong network of girlfriends, and I tell them everything. But I also know a lot of moms who don’t have sex and they regard that as a very normal thing, something that comes with a phase of your life.If sex is embedded in the subject matter under discussion it's in terms of unwanted pregnancies, diseases, harassment, women’s rights and such. Nothing remotely recreational, or “fun.”So yes, there was a head snap to hearing that Kerri Miller, MPR’s premier host/personality has launched “Smart Sex,” a semi­weekly podcast on the topic of what the birds do, the bees do and every creature on the planet does from time to time, although not always well or in “fulfilling” ways. The content is being created outside of MPR, although they’ve left the door open to use some of the content on the air if the situation is right. TM: And Kerri makes me go off on these getaways with her. It doesn’t have to stay like that, but people don’t want to talk about it. MP: And this is talking with people you regard as friends, not just casual acquaintances? I can tell you I have friends who I have traveled with for two weeks at a time and we have never talked about things like the frequency of love­making in our marriage or anything like that, until this project started.

TM: There might some things there that wouldn’t play on MPR. TM: Everyone has been very supportive and everything has moved very quickly. ”KM: And it is validating that you come in and say this is an important conversation. What do I want that middle part of my life, which might be 35 or 40 years, what do I want that to be like?

KM: But Dave Kansas was very supportive and so has Nancy Cassutt [MPR's Executive Director, News and Programming]. They’re trusting you to not do anything that’ll embarrass them. But Teresa and I talked about this for months, wondering what MPR would want to know. When we hit on the idea of a podcast, we were driving from Palm Springs over to hike at Joshua Tree, and as Kerri was driving I registered the domain name and called a designer and she was working on the logo. I have more control over that than I ever have.” So yeah, there’s something about this moment that feels right for it. And I think we are a counter­weight to parents who are so worried about that kind of culture.

MP: I didn’t know the cell signal was that good out there. TM: Also I think women now are more open to a discussion of pleasure. I have an 18-year-­old daughter and I’d like her to have information available to her [that's] better than so much of what is out there. KM: And that’s something Peggy Orenstein gets at: The messaging and the content and the volume of pornography that comes at kids her daughter’s age … And also to older women, who are back out in the dating world.

The State Archives has unofficial death certificates (dated 1900, 1918-47) for Native Americans who either died in Minnesota and were enrolled or otherwise connected with any Indian tribal groups or bands, or died outside of Minnesota but were enrolled or otherwise connected with tribal groups or bands located in Minnesota.

The records are arranged by state and within each state by Indian agency.