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Taking to the comments section of Heidi's post, one user asked: 'Are you guys back together?? 'While another fan added: 'Awesome to see you two together'.

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J: I’m not artificial intelligence; I’m natural pure genius!

” In 1950 mathematician Alan Turing pondered this question and invented an elegant game to answer it: Let a human chat via Teletype with a computer and another human; if the person can’t determine which is the computer, then it meets Turing’s standards for “thinking.” In recent years Turing’s game has taken on a life of its own in cyberspace, thanks to artificial intelligence inventors worldwide who have produced dozens of “chatbots” that anyone can talk to. Type a comment to ALICE, and it checks the phrase and its key words for a response coded to those words. In contrast, Jabberwacky, another top-rated Internet bot produced by Rollo Carpenter, keeps track of everything people have said to it, and tries to reuse those statements by matching them to the writer’s input. A: Knowledge is of two kinds: that which we learn from the senses and that which is true a priori. J: I have no short-term memory, so I cannot tell you what I was confused about. Any unauthorized use of my profile, video, pictures, or audio in any form is NOT permissible without my expressed, written consent.