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Essentially, they believe you are lonely and desperate and find them attractive just because they are young. One point: if older women did not so often prove the theory these young guys are operating on, they wouldn't be approaching older women for sex and sex talk.

That you will do anything to get male attention, from anyone, especially younger men. I would wager 3/4's of my mail is from younger men.

First off, women should not be flattered by emails on here from much younger men. I've gotten mail from younger men even though I have no photo. Yes, they think you will be so grateful for the attention of a younger man that you will be ready to put out.

SAME as there are many couples where the man is older than the woman. I know what u mean I think they want a mommy figure or they think we are in our sexual prime and if we are single why wouldnt we want a sexy young man, that is just my opinion based on a few that I have talked with. Yep.the older ones think the same.we would want to be with a "sexy" older man.. The younger male is under the mistaken believe the old woman has matured. He is sexually attracted to the old woman and expects the old woman to not have hangups about sex the younger women seem to have.

I just get done posting this and this younger guy e-mails me wanting to sex chat....sheesh.

Hmmm, maybe he read this and wants to get to know me...

They also lack the wisdom and knowledge older men provide. I'm definitely not looking for a sugar momma since I'm well educated with a pretty good job and can take care of myself.

Really they are looking for a mother figure with the benefits of sex. I know it's not for everyone, but I have actually met older women who were also interested in me as a younger guy.