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If you suspect an offender has moved from the address listed on the website, you should report this suspected violation to the law enforcement agency that serves your area so that an investigation may be conducted.Generally, the easiest way to search is by entering the minimum information needed.Offenders are not registered until they are released from prison, so the offender may still be incarcerated for the charge.To check for offenders still in prison, click on the Department of Corrections KOOL link call the VINE system at 1-800-511-1670.Registered sex offenders report their address to the Department of Corrections prior to their release from prison, or the Division of Probation & Parole upon being assigned probation or moving in from another state.The information is collected on a standard offender registration form, which the offender must sign, and is then forwarded to the Kentucky State Police for inclusion in the database and placement on the website.This restriction does not apply to a youthful offender probated or paroled during his or her minority or while enrolled in an elementary or a secondary education program.However, once the youthful offender registrant attains the age of majority (18 years old) and is no longer a student in an elementary or secondary education program he or she is subject to the residence restriction at that point.

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Provides a person who visits the Web site the opportunity to communicate with another person. No registrant, as defined in KRS 17.500, shall knowingly or intentionally use a social networking Web site or an instant messaging or chat room program if that Web site or program allows a person who is less than eighteen (18) years of age to access or use the Web site or program. Any person who violates subsection (2) of this section shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor."The information obtained from the website is considered to be public record and can be freely disseminated to anyone, without fear of civil penalties (see KRS 17.580).These offenders "served out" their sentences, or completed their probationary periods, and are now free to move around and carry on with their lives, as long as they continue to follow the requirements of the sex offender registration law. KRS 17.510(4) provides that registrants are required to return to the appropriate local probation and parole office not less than once every two years in order for a new photograph to be obtained.The registrant must pay the cost of updating the photo for registration purposes.What if a registered sex offender is already living at a given location and a new school, daycare facility or publicly owned playground opens within one thousand (1,000) feet of the registrant's residence?If a new school, daycare facility or publicly owned playground opens within one thousand (1,000) feet of the registrant's residence, the registrant shall be presumed to know of this and must move within ninety (90) days.If an offender moves without following the proper procedure, and it is discovered, then he/she is considered to be "Non-Compliant" and is subject to being charged with a Class D felony for the first offense and a Class C felony for each subsequent offense.