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"So I have come to believe that—motivated by romance and afraid of what sociologist Andrew Cherlin calls the marriage-go-round—today’s singles are ushering a long pre-commitment stage into the courtship process. Couples want to get to know everything about a potential life partner before they tie the knot. "The basic circuits for romantic love lie in primitive regions of the brain, near those that orchestrate thirst and hunger.

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Older drugs from the ‘typical’ group, such as haloperidol, may also cause tremor or muscle stiffness.They can be used to prevent relapse, but are usually used with one of the mood-stabilisers described above, when treatment with one drug has not been effective.If you suffer from mania, you may find yourself feeling elated, over-confident and full of energy - 'on top of the world'.You may sleep very little, talk very fast, and do things impulsively that are out of character.

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Please check with your doctor or pharmacist before starting any new medication, wherever you have got it from.Like lithium, we don’t know exactly how valproate works.Common: Your doctor will usually take blood before you start treatment, and then for the first six months of treatment to monitor your blood count and liver function.The older group are more likely to cause muscle stiffness or tremor.The most commonly used antipsychotics are now 'atypical'.If you take in less, by drinking less, or lose more, through sweating or urinating, the higher your level of Lithium will be.