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If someone says we're not good enough, then we just do better. When I walk onto the court, I'm there to play tennis and nothing else. Serena: We're enjoying ourselves, and there's no time for anything else. Oprah: Do you even care what other people think of you? Serena: That's why we don't read the articles—I just look at the pictures.

Serena: When we were younger, it was difficult for me to play Venus because she'd always beat me so badly. Even now when we practice together, I have to watch out because she'll just blow me off the court. Venus: As Venus the tennis player, my goal is to be the best at what I do. Once, when we were younger, I ran out of lunch money, and we were both hungry. We still tease our mom because she didn't allow us not to get along. Oprah: Venus, was there ever a time when you cared what people thought? Oprah: That's mighty—to be raised female and not have that concern. We were taught that things like peer pressure didn't exist for us. Oprah: I like what your father said: We don't see Bill Gates out there socializing with everybody. I remember another player once saying "Venus didn't say hi to me." She didn't say hi, either. Oprah: Preparing for the finals at Wimbledon, do you think about going in and slamming each other? If I'm going out to play Serena, I've got my game plan, and I know what I have to do to be successful. I hate seeing children argue with their parents and siblings on TV. I want to be a good example for my family and of my religion. Oprah: And being connected to the essence of who you are? Even after you become a doctor, you have to continue studying. You study and learn—and then you don't just give it up and put it in the cupboard. Serena: No, I just think about what I'm going to do on the court, technique-wise. After all those years of practice, that is your moment, so you have to take it. Oprah: Some have said there's no passion when you two play each other. I don't have anything to say if someone believes we aren't passionate enough. When I was single, my fridge was always empty—I ate a lot of Raisin Bran for dinner. That sends the message that you're not supposed to get along. I also want to be proud of who I am and to know exactly what I want. You keep reading every day, and you become stronger as you make it part of your life. We're definitely in a strange situation, one that no other player has been in. Oprah: Yes, and the fact that your dad taught himself how to play and then coached you is just amazing. Oprah: And when you're 5 and 6, you don't always want to be doing all that work, right? Fortunately, we listened to our parents, which I think is one reason we're blessed. We were brought up as Jehovah's Witnesses, so we have a strong spiritual background. Oprah: Do you worry about your health from January to November? The tennis does supplement it, but ever since Serena was small, she was— Oprah: Built! The best part is that right now we're the best at what we do. Serena: He stayed up many nights watching films so he could teach us. Oprah: Your father has said that nobody ever talks about all the years of struggle it took to get you here. Oprah: We all know what kind of tennis players you are, but what kind of women do you aspire to be? I've never had a reason to lie, and I want to keep it that way. And their father has taken heat for what some call peculiar behavior.