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These infants are at risk for a condition called apnea, where breathing stops.

The hospital staff must monitor these infants as inpatients at least overnight after anesthesia or sedation.

An example of this is the anesthesia your dentist gives you before filling a cavity in your tooth.

In regional anesthesia, the medicine blocks pain signals in a larger area of the body.

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Even a short flight will feel endless when children are screaming and running up and down the aisles.If your child needs to be completely asleep for a procedure, the staff will give him general anesthesia.A sedative (SE duh tiv) is a medicine that helps your child relax during a procedure.Your child will spend part of this time in the Medicine Room.Depending on the child’s health history, the doctor might decide to admit the infant as an inpatient.Your child will not be allowed to fly until he has spent at least 4 hours on the campus after being released from the recovery area.