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Then build up to a visit to the vet's for a meet and greet session that does not involve any type of exam.Make sure after each outing, even when you walk around your house, to give your cat a reward or treat.Feliway is available for purchase at Cheshire Cat Feline Health Center. Set a good example Animals pick up on our cues and will often mirror our own feelings. Leave yourself plenty of time to get the cat into the carrier and make it to your appointment. Talk to your veterinarian It is important to be on the same page with your cat's doctor.Being calm and relaxed can greatly affect your cat? Although giving a sedative before an appointment can be helpful, it is not always best choice for every cat.Keep the carrier out and accessible all the time, not just when it's time to go to the vet.Line it with a comfy blanket, some of your cat's favorite toys and some treats.

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I was accustomed to populations of cats rising and falling as disease or a new tom clawed his way onto our farm, or as speeding cars and canines decimated the clowder.

These have tops that can be removed and this allows the cat to stay in the bottom portion of the carrier. t force the issue If your cat does not willingly go into the carrier, do not shove and fight her to do so.

This way the veterinarian can still conduct an exam, but your cat will feel secure. Again, a carrier with removable top can be helpful in this case and allow you to set the cat inside with fewer struggles.

We love our cats and only want the best for them, but the mere thought of having to get them in a carrier and to the vet's office doesn't seem worth it, does it?

Here are some tips from CATalyst Council on How to Get Veterinary Care for Cats Without Yowls, Hissing and Bared Claws. Make the carrier your cat's home away from home Plan ahead!