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It'll be interesting to see how ATT, and TMo keep up with the 3G coverage, as Verizon and Sprint move forward. :) For whatever reason, Sprint and Verizon started deploying their 3G networks about three years before T-Mobile and AT&T did.

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(Except maybe in Norfolk.)The Welsh and the Scots, however..../I can make the joke; I'm half Scots.That doesn't make the half-sheep feel any better.mithras_angel: Panic Man: Who was the guy who f*cked a dead pig? He, of course, categorically denied it all, but that didn't stop UK comedians from mocking him about it for months afterwards. F#ck one dead pig and you're a necrotic pigf#cker for life. But, like everything else, new things popped up and so the topical satire moved on to fresher targets.where is the 5 million dollars that your brother ROMEL ESMAIL PUT IN YOUR NAME BACK IN 2007 ..... this refers specifically to members of the Conservative party.

This isn't some list that's been put together by women who work in Parliament so that they know who to avoid, this is a list put together by the Conservative party whips so that they know who they can blackmail to make sure they vote in the correct way.

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It uses the Internet to make voice calls, one to one video calls; send.