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I know that you will find several brokers that will train you and give you a agent position as well. I honor these people because that is how I got my start. I find the more research I do the better decisions I make.

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Malta, being situated in the dividing line between the western and eastern Mediterranean sea, and being home to some of the oldest man-made structures in the world, is considered a possible location of Atlantis both by some current researchers In the 19th century, the antiquarian Giorgio Grognet de Vassé published a short compendium detailing the theory that Malta was the location of Atlantis.

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According to his ideas, several characteristics of Cyprus, including the presence of copper and extinct Cyprus dwarf elephants and local place names and festivals (Kataklysmos), support his identification of Cyprus as once being part of Atlantis.Using reflection seismology, this documentary demonstrated techniques that what Sarmast interpreted to be artificial walls are natural tectonic landforms.Furthermore, the interpretation of the age and stratigraphy of sediments blanketing the bottom of the Cyprus Basin from sea bottom cores containing Pleistocene and older marine sediments and thousands of kilometers of seismic lines from the Cyprus and adjacent basins clearly demonstrates that the Mediterranean Sea last dried up during the Messinian Salinity Crisis between 5.59 and 5.33 million years ago.In Malta fdal Atlantis (Maltese remains of Atlantis) (2002), Francis Galea writes about several older studies and hypotheses, particularly that of Maltese architect Giorgio Grongnet, who in 1854 thought that the Maltese Islands are the remnants of Atlantis.Peter James, in his book The Sunken Kingdom, identifies Atlantis with the kingdom of Zippasla.The Great Atlantis Flood, by Flying Eagle & Whispering Wind, locates Atlantis in the Sea of Azov.