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Sure, his minor league numbers were better, but they didn’t scream can’t-miss-prospect; his BB/9 in AAA was about 3.5, while his K/9 was just over 5.

He’d been a first-round pick, so it’s not like the Jays were giving up on him, but in the years since the draft, he’d showed little evidence that a breakthrough was imminent.

Sabermetric ideas worked well on the population at large, but they couldn’t identify players like Halladay who simply wouldn’t stop improving themselves.

Armed with a new approach, Halladay first became an absolutely elite control pitcher and what we would now call a contact-manager (a species the nascent sabermetric community was pretty sure did not exist back when Halladay was evolving into one).

At the time, there were a couple of closely-related tenets of the nascent sabermetric community that pretty much everyone agreed on.

The first was that minor league stats could effectively predict major league performance, indeed, they were at least as good as *MLB* stats at predicting future MLB performance (once adjusted for level/context, of course).

Charlie freaking Morton could throw 98, because hey, why not.The D-Backs were out of it, and would finish with more than 90 losses.But they’d acquired some veterans in a push to jump-start their rebuild, a move headlined by the now-painful swap of Max Scherzer for Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy.As you can see, there was little in Halladay’s Mi LB resume to suggest he could either a) miss bats at an elite level or b) develop pinpoint command.The conclusion that’s distinct, but clearly similar to this theory held that raw stuff, or talent, or ability, or skillset was essentially fixed, innate.Other pitchers soaked it up, either directly or, as in the case of Brandon Mc Carthy, by carefully and meticulously copying his every move.