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From the looks of the trailer, Ne Ne and Kim come to play -- and so did the rest of the returning cast: Kenya Moore, Sheree Whitfield, Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams. She seemingly bonds with Porsha, who asks her, “You my new Frack?

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she also, either consciously or subconsciously, gets the feeling that you would not be a good long term mate because her SMV isn't high enough to keep you committed which makes her decide that you would be good for a ONS / fling.

if she has these thoughts, she realizes she won't have the time to actually verify if your genes are good: she won't know your family history, etc so she has to rely entirely on pre-selection.

it actually pays to be a "nice beta" sometimes if the girl feels very very vulnerable around you because you're so hot.

Being muscular and ripped to shreds puts you into the fling category, so better off trying nice guy game on those shy girls who are skeptical of how hot you are now. However i can't help but notice that the more buff and shredded i get that harder it became to get a notches.

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you need to maintain your frame and be totally aloof and outcome independent.Being good-looking and physically imposing means girls are less inclined to shit test or challange me—I go months without needing to neg serious prospects and You're basically shooting for what Roosh once called "horny, nice guy" game. The beta response to a shit test is to accept the girl's frame and deny, apologize,or excuse himself.When you're buff, women are already primed to believe that you're alpha and a player..zig where they zag. When you ignore, make a joke or just blow it off, you passed.So they make him wait as if they are a "good girl." If you want quick notches cocky jerk is the way to go (while sprinkling in a bit of comfort if necessary).And the second issue is just a failure to adjust to a new state of affairs.I like the though of feeling up a strong girls big muscles and being her weak little boyfriend.