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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have been married since 2013.
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The Tinder app is either the most superficial degradation of the romantic process or the most brilliant and efficient dating innovation since birth control.(Not sure which but that’s really not the point of this post.) Regardless of whether you think it’s good or bad, a single white female swiping left and right will find tons of men touting their quick wit and allegiances to sarcasm.Sarcasm is one of the many tools I use for flirting.If you're anything like me, when I'm making fun of you it's probably because I like you.5) After you realize your sarcasm has been wearing off on the person you're dating. "9) When you date another sarcastic person for the first time and it is extremely refreshing.10) When your inherently good boyfriend who barely has a sense of humor finally uses a hint of sarcasm.6) Realizing that you aren't only sarcastic, but you are also very sassy. While sarcasm is acceptable in many contexts and scenarios, it doesn’t quite translate when advertising yourself in the “About Me” portion of an online dating site.Being sarcastic doesn’t mean you are witty or have an above average sense of humor.

It’s a passive-aggressive way to use ironic language to make the victim the butt of ridicule.3) When you invite the chick you're dating over and your roommate slyly texts you saying you should be nicer.4) When you say something super sarcastic to your fella and then a week later he uses it against you.There are so many things to say about this dating app but the most troubling is the amount of sarcasm I have found.As with most single 30-somethings, it took me a little convincing, a couple of lonely nights and six months of meeting literally no new people to finally take the plunge and download the app.Or, if for instance she asks you when was the last time you had sex, if instead of giving her the boring “two months ago” response, you playfully look at your watch and say that you are not sure exactly how many hours it has been, it would be a far more interesting response.