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Or considering he has brown hair, he could basically be Jughead from Riverdale's twin. Got to shoot with the incredibly talented @lukefontana last night. I thought his name was fake but apparently characters out of film noirs exist in real life.

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Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard had an “American Idol” reunion on Thursday’s “The View” for a special Christmas performance. Studdard, of course, won season two of “Idol” back in 2003, with Aiken coming in second place. In fact, the two have remained friends over the last 13 years.Still, they shockingly haven’t performed together on TV since their days on the FOX competition.I’ve been touring with him over the past four years, so we’ve kind of talked through a lot of these songs over the years.We picked a lot of our favorite songs and songs that really haven’t been covered a whole lot and tried to go in and make something special.Now on the ABC talk show, Aiken and Studdard reunited to perform “This Christmas.” Aiken started the track out in classic fashion, before the “Velvet Teddy Bear” (a.k.a Studdard) came out to add some R&B flair.Following the performance, Studdard revealed of Aiken, “He was one of the first people I met in Hollywood Week, and we’ve been friends ever since.” Aiken even shared, “We Face-Time once every week or so, still.” There was a funny moment after when the co-hosts, noting Aiken’s frequent appearances on the show, decided to focus on chatting with Studdard instead of him.“It was different because I was working with David Foster.Just getting the opportunity to be in the room with him was a blessing.

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But believe it or not, guys are often confused and disappointed to swipe right on a picture of the award-winning star of to find out that you're actually a lawyer in San Diego.

Nine other people had been publically disqualified from the show: all were black.

Three black contestants have won the show, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino and Jordin Sparks, while prominent judge Randy Jackson is black.

We tried to put a little Marvin Gaye twist on it and it worked. If I’m dating somebody, I’m very romantic.”What do you sing when you’re in the shower or car?

All the songs have that same quality, songs that haven’t been covered much but are profound and powerful in the way that they invoke the feeling of love within people.”Are you a romantic guy? “I’ve been singing a lot of my own songs recently because I know I’m going to have to perform them, but I listen to a lot of jazz and my favorite singer right now is this guy named Gregory Porter. “I’m more confident in the person that I am and I’m more secure in the person that I’ve become. You can’t really put as much emotion into a song if you haven’t gone through those situations, so the person people heard when I was on ? I’m on the road a lot and working very hard to stay relevant and do what I do, but I do Ti Vo the show, so I get the opportunity to watch it when I come home.