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A 99 cent tip sometimes gets a broadcaster to smile, while more expensive offerings elicit a personal shoutout, or more intimate reaction.
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Mia Kirshner has hinted on several occasions to being bisexual, as has Karina Lombard.While some have reported that Katherine Moennig is gay, she has never publicly said so and has repeatedly said she does not wish to discuss or disclose her sexual orientation.Showtime is currently in the process of bringing on a new writer, executive producer and showrunner who specifically has ties to the lesbian community to bring a fresh perspective to the show by documenting how relationships and experiences have evolved today, and what has changed and hasn't changed, since the show first aired."The L Word" ran for six seasons.After wrapping up its run on Showtime in 2009, the series aired in syndication on Logo.We don't have it, and even if we did, we wouldn't hand it out.------------------------------------------------- Many actors appeared in Season one of The L Word as guest cast.Somehow, an ancient race of alien lifeforms that have never had any other contact with mankind did not understand the meaning of the 'message'.They especially take offence to the inclusion of 'Pac Man' and 'Donkey Kong', and assemble an army of pixelated, murderous 1980s video game characters and send them back to Earth to destroy the humans.

She will remain showrunner on Fox's "Empire" and continue to develop projects for 20th Century Fox Television under her overall deal with the studio, and is also an executive producer on Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale." Chaiken has been outspoken about her own identity as a lesbian, and has regularly featured LGBTQ relationships on "Empire." Insiders say the idea for the sequel series first came from Chaiken.

----------------------------------------------- The best way is probably to write to her or any other cast member at the following address: L Word Season V Productions Inc.

8275 Manitoba Street Vancouver, BC V5X 4L8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know we'd all love to just drop a cast member an email saying "how you going? Even if someone knew how to directly contact a star, why would they broadcast the information? The best way to contact a star is through the above address or through their personal representation.

However, if the project is greenlit, stars Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey are expected to serve as executive producers and appear in the series with their characters as a point of connection from the prior series to the new one.

Other characters from the original series may also appear in the new version.