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Romola Garai Net Worth: Romola Garai is an English actress who has a net worth of million.Romola Garai was born in British Hong Kong in August 1982.I try and do things that I think will be interesting.Sometimes, I get it right in terms of the fact that people like it, and sometimes, I get it wrong in terms of the fact that people don't like it, but I always try and do jobs which I think will be interesting to me and will help me improve as an actor.She played the title role in the 2009 TV mini-series Emma.Garai has won prizes in the London Critics Circle Film Awards as well as the National Board of Review.

An actress like that wouldn't worry about whether or not the political ideas were being sensitively or subtly dealt with. I've done pieces of work that people have hated that I've been incredibly proud of, and other pieces of work that I've done my best, but I, personally, haven't been very fulfilled by, that people have thought is the best thing since sliced bread.[on François Ozon] He's monumentally gifted - that sounds so terrible and pretentious, I know - but he's made nine brilliant films, all of them so different.So you think to yourself, I might disagree with you on one small thing, but I'm guessing you know what you're doing.But what happens is that you become a certain way to please people, to be liked, to be what's expected of you, to change yourself so that you become the best possible version of yourself for people who don't know you.And I think that's a terrible, pernicious thing.[on her visit to the Syrian Iraqi border] I learned a lot about the troubled histories of three different groups: the Palestinians from Iraq, the Iraqis themselves, and the Syrian people.I have used every part of my body, plus muscles I did not know I had, because the dancing is a combination of salsa and Latin ballroom. I've reached a stage in my life where I've started to worry whether it's a fetish or not. I suppose that the only real effect of ageing is deep cynicism - that, and you are maybe a little more comfortable with yourself.[on the premiere of Vanity Fair (2004)] I [showed] my boobs and teeth. About 40 per cent of success as an actor is now based on whether you're good at being interviewed and how you conduct yourself.