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— Lonely in Alabama Brian: First of all, props to you, hot stuff, for getting back out there in the big, bad world of dating.

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which aired its first episode on Christmas Eve 2016.

The show’s gimmick puts the burden of choosing a partner not on potential suitors, but on their parents.

The show has already received no small amount of negative feedback online, accused of being a “step backwards for Chinese society," with some netizens saying it amounts to arranged marriage with new packaging.

However, this presents a problem for the growing number of Chinese women following their own careers.

Chinese people put a lot of stock in it, and while not all might truly believe, it’s a handy cultural label for certain occurrences.

Conversely, it can be inferred that any relation that doesn’t work out wasn’t fated to be.

Their son was quite enthralled by her, but even his pleas couldn’t override his parents’ veto.

Then on the third episode, a female contestant fails to even attract the approval of three families at the start when it becomes clear that her reported age of 26 was a bit of an underestimate.