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"If there is not sufficient awareness on the couple's part of the essential elements of Catholic teaching on the sanctity of marriage and sexual relations and of the commitment, fidelity, and permanence needed in marriage, then the marriage should be postponed until such awareness has developed" (, Diocese of Rapid City; quoted in Marriage Preparation and Cohabiting Couples).A mature awareness of the nature of sacramental marriage contributes to a couple's ability to freely consent to marriage.Immediately before the couple consent to enter into marriage (by reciting the marriage vows), the assisting priest or deacon asks the couple three questions: If there are serious doubts about the ability of one or both persons to give their free consent to marriage "without reservation," the pastor may ask the couple to spend additional time addressing the issue; the wedding may even be delayed "for a time" until the issue is resolved (Canon 1077).

Some impediments to marriage include: This is not an exhaustive list.Please talk with your local pastor for guidance on this matter.The Church has certain rules about how the marriage takes place (Code of Canon Law #1108-1123).These rules are meant to ensure with certainty that a valid marriage actually took place.Basically, a valid marriage must be witnessed by an authorized representative of the Church (usually a priest or deacon) and two other witnesses.Usually, the marriage cannot take place until this happens.