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Rock varnish microlamination dating

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This wall of desert vanish streak shows that all desert varnish was not formed at one time. The black panels at the furthest left would be the oldest.

The darker streaks on the left and right are probably the next oldest.

the white crystals at the bottom is the original rock surface.

The layering pattern indicates different chemical compositions (see below for more examples) It may be hard to believe but bacteria are able to live on the surface or at least the upper few millimeters of the rock matrix under extreme temperatures and desiccation.

It is made up of clays and iron and manganese oxides.

As such the chemical composition of the varnish is different from that of the rocks on which they form and thus the components, especially manganese, of the varnish must be derived from air-borne dust and rainwater.

Rock varnish “grows” on rock surfaces rather than simply staining the rock surface. There is still much to learn about rock varnish but it is clear that rock vanish comes in many different forms differentiated usually by their chemical makeup.

in desert regions where rock varnish is commonly found.

Rock varnish is much more than just chemicals that leached out of material above and ran down than surface of a rock leaving a stain.

Rock varnish is a layer (sometimes hundreds of layers ) of mostly inorganic material that builds up on the surfaces of rocks that are found in environments where very little erosion occurs.

Those bacteria survive by obtaining nutrients from rainwater.

As they work to obtain energy from the chemical bonds in the rocks around them they end up altering the chemical makeup of their environment creating things such as manganese oxides that they give off as wastes. It could be that once some varnish is formed it then provides an environment for future bacteria to live and produce more varnish.