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Ricoh updating destination list failed

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The scanning functionality on my MP171 is not working over my network.All the necessary configurations have been made using the web interface, but it cannot authenticate.I setup a ftp username/password with the home directory set to the scans folder.I then configured the Aficio to scan via ftp rather than smb. The folks using the scanner don't even know we are using ftp rather than smb. We are still waiting on the Tech to get back to us on why SMB isn't working properly. Wes mentioned the firmware update too - I will be checking that out." This seems a fair attempt at providing helpful info, and even a possible solution that could help some people.Change the default smb port number 139 to 445,using the telnet editing.Will send feedback once I've done any necessary upgrades.Hi Wes - I did give it a try this morning, still does not work.

Using Windows 8 x64, but the problem also persists on Windows 7 x86 and x64. To me, this means that it is successfully authenticating.

I hope this will help others with this issue I do support work for a medium size company and I have had this issue with any Windows 7 machine primarily that have upgraded to Windows 10.

What has resolved my issue with 90% of these cases is turning off the Password Protected Sharing in the Advanced Sharing Options in Network And Sharing.

I have just tried the FTP method, but the printer cannot connect. First, it's possible that the copier only supports the original SMB spec. In Windows Vista onwards, Microsoft deprecated SMB in favor of SMB2. The only way to get SMB2/3 support would be to do a firmware update on the copier, and this is usually something that can only be done by an authorized Ricoh technician (most of these companies do not publish their firmware updates to the general public).

Second, the computer hosting the share must not have a local account with a blank password.