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However, the standard videoview / mediacontroller stuff in Android doesn't like the format. Currently I am looking at the fact when you have a headless install 20ft up a tree or something for surveillance or wildlife watching in a remote spot, its often hard to setup.I have a bluetooth terminal app which I have been finding useful to do some minor things with, but if video frames could be transmitted would be awesome.

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try dragging a part of the screen to see if you can pull the image on...I want to take photos/start videoing when an object of interest enters the field of view.I therefore need to see what the camera preview sees.Good idea to change from just raspistill/usb to multiple dev/video* sources - it'll probably be better to put that on the main menu for fast switching I'm having some problems apply the effects to the photos. I'm trying to figure out exactly what circumstances apply the effect.Sometimes when I go to settings and choose an effect such as watercolor, etc. It seems that when I save an image then apply an effect, it works (often for several effects) but then it stops for some reason.I have a few Pi's with camera and wanted an easy way to remotely view/position them, so I made an android app: Raspi CAM Remote is a free android app to view the Raspberry Pi camera module on your Android Device.